Welcome to Blackstone Raid XXV!


Announcement: Troll will be in a different place on Thursday. Check in on Thursday will be in the FHA building’s classrooms.

Troll will move back to the Vocational Building Classrooms Friday between noon and 1:00 pm.

Look for the posted signs if you are arriving Thursday night.

If you are arriving Friday afternoon, it will be in the same building as last year

Announcement: Preregistration is now closed.Please note: If your payment was not postmarked by that April 15th, then the site fee will be at full rate.
There are no cabins available at this time, they have all been sold out.

Individuals looking for a bunk please contact Lady Odette to check availability.

For groups wanting to be placed on the waiting list pending any cancellations, please contact Lady Odette to be added to the list.

Thank You

A Reminder from the Reservations Clerk: The only form of payments accepted at Troll will be cash and money orders.


Please watch for updates here and on our Facebook Group.