Artisans Row

A&S Classes will be held in the Assembly Hall from 11am-3pm!
11:00 – Basket Weaving – Lady Elizabeth Arrowsmythe
12:00 – Belly Dancing Class – Lady Vika Vyborgskaia
1:00 – Hand Sewing – Lady Ylaire Sainte Claire
2:00 – Play in the Paint – Lady Sigrid Schreiber


Paint-A-Blank & Draw-A-Blank Competition

When: Friday morning through Saturday 3pm.
Where: Crafthouse by Merchant’s Row, Weaving Room
Hosted by: Lord Angellino the Bookmaker

Come one and all to the Paint-A-Blank Competition at Blackstone Raids! Paint-a-Blank entrants will have several different styles of blanks to choose from and all completed blanks will be donated to the AEthelmearc blank repository. Draw-A-Blank entrants will be given paper with properly marked out margins and given free reign to draw any blank they choose. Awards will be as follows: The Draw-A-Blank winner will receive a drafting set, a CARL Angel-5 pencil sharpener, and a box of 12 Palamino blackwing drawing pencils. The Paint-A-Blank winner will receive a set of 6 Windsor and Newton primary color 14ml tubes, a set of 4 sable brushes, and a small stock of Pergmenata (9×12).

Criteria for winning: All work must be completed onsite and winners must be present in court to win their prize. We are also looking for teachers to teach. If you have any questions about the competition or would be interested in teaching, please contact Angellino the Bookmaker at angellinobookmaker [at] icloud [dot] com.


Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (D4)

When: Saturday
Where: Crafthouse by Merchant’s Row, Weaving Room
Hosted by: Lady Maryam Jules of Dragon’s Trench

We are pleased to be hosting our first Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (D4) at Blackstone Raids this year! The Dirty Dozen Donation Derby was created as a way to encourage the creation of Largess through friendly competition. The way it works is that entrants create 12 items based on a theme; the theme is up to the entrant. Remember that these items will be gifted as largesse… so while a dozen scissor cases would qualify a dozen hand knit socks would only be 6 largesse items. A 12 foot long piece of hand woven trim would not be suitable as an entry since it would need to be cut into 12 pieces to be available on the theme of 12 items. The items need not be identical, just related in some way. Some items donated at other D4s in the past include needlebooks, hats from different (or the same) period(s), dolls, earrings, rings, jewelry sets, candle holders, beads, children’s toys, game sets, spindles, bobbins, sewing kits, pouches… the list goes on and on! Voting shall take place with beads. The winner by vote shall receive their pic of one item from each of the other contestants, up to 12 items. Royals’ choice(s) shall receive 2 items of their choice, Baron/ess’ choice receives one item.
The remaining Largess items shall be split between the largess coffers of the barony and kingdom.

- Each entry must contain 12 items. You may enter more than once, but please make each entry a different type of item.
- You may enter as a group, just remember that the items should all be related in some way.
- Documentation is not necessary, but it needs to be an item useable in the SCA.
- Item should be handmade (purchased items that are altered/painted are allowed).
- Each item must be tagged in such a way that the tags won’t get separated from the item (no loose cards – tape is allowed in this case). Include your name and local group information on your tag.


Baron Bardulf’s Photography Studio

When: Saturday
Where: Crafthouse by Merchants Row, Studio A
Hosted by: Baron Bardulf Rauen

Baron Bardulf will be visiting us again from Atlantia with his travelling portrait studio! He will shoot portraits for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have something special in mind, please contact him! You can see examples of his work at!

bardulfadvert1a 300x168 Artisans Row


Blackstone Mountain Baronial A&S Championship

When: Saturday
Where: Crafthouse by Merchants Row, Weaving Room
Hosted by: Lady Rannveigr Hrajshvelgsneys

Residents of Blackstone Mountain, bring your best A&S projects and compete to be the next A&S Champion of our Barony!


Historian’s Point

When: Saturday, 10am-3pm
Where: Assembly Hall
Hosted by: Kingdom Historian, THL Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir