Artisans’ Row

Artisans’ Row

The Blackstone Raid Class Schedule is on its own page.

Saturday will be the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (aka 4D) in the building by the Merchants’ Area. Please read the full announcement here.

~~ 25 Years of Blackstone Raids ~~

Alongside the other A&S activities on hand at Blackstone Raids, we are also hosting an Art & Sciences display, with the theme of “25 Years of Blackstone Raids”. Any item entered into the A&S Display should somehow reflect Blackstone Mountain, or reflect your personal vision of what drew you to Blackstone Raids all these years.

Documentation will be minimal; a 3×5 card with your name, a brief description of the item and what it was used for in period, and why it makes you think of Blackstone Mountain and/or the Raids. Judging will be done by the populace.

The Display will be in the Craft House at the Marketplace, and will be on display from 11a-4p Saturday the 30th .



Mistress Hrefna Úlfvarinnsdóttir will once again be sharing the History of Æthelmarc with the populace, this time with exciting new items procured for the upcoming SCA 50 Year Celebration.

She will be in the Craft House at the Marketplace from 10a-4p, and all are encouraged to stop by and explore the past with her via photographs and artifacts from throughout Æthelmearc.

If you have an item you wish to donate to Historian’s Point, Mistress Hrefna would be happy to add it and the story behind it to the growing scrolls of history.



Bring your Scrolls, your Nibs and Pens, and take a moment to meet and greet fellow Scribes on Saturday from 1p-3p inside the Craft House at the Marketplace. Work on a project, or simply share stories and tricks of the trade with others who share you passion. All ages and skill levels welcome.


Herald’s Consult Table

Saturday in the Craft House by the Marketplace


More Information Coming Soon!