Jugging Rules

All Heavy Weapons policies and standards for AEthelmearc and SCA apply.

Games will last for 100 stones. Winner being highest number of scores during that time period. Scoring will not stop the stone count.

There will be no local holds, only General Holds- which will stop the stone count.

Teams must consist of the following: 1 Guardian, 3 Maulers & 1 Quick.

Team weapons must include one of each of the following: 1 pole arm, 1 great sword, 1 2-weapon, 1 weapon-shield, dagger optional for Quick (dog skull will count as weapon in hand for the Quick)

The Quick may be armed w/a dagger if they so wish, but is capable of attacking w/ the dog skull. Face thrusts w/ the dog skull will count as kills. The Quick is the only player allowed to touch the dog skull with their hands, and the only player allowed to score points. Full hand protection required.

The Maulers will have the full range of the field, engaging any opponent they wish.

The Guardian may only cross to the half way point in the field, not crossing into enemy territory.

Standard blows recognition applies. Upon combatants “death” they will initially fall and die defensively before gaining their feet and proceeding to the resurrection point. They remain dead until physically touching the resurrection point on their side. There upon they may re-enter the game. Exception being a “pinning” occurring after death blow. As long as a weapon remains in contact w/ the downed/dead fighter- they may not rise or take any action. The fighter executing the pinning may not take any other action while engaged in a pinning. Once the pinning is released, they would still have to proceed to the resurrection point before entering the game.

The Quick, upon gaining the dog skull, must circle behind his Guardian before heading into enemy territory to score.

A Quick carrying the dog skull, when killed by an opponent, must drop the dog skull when dying defensively.

The Quick, when in possession of the dog skull, has 360 degree engagement.

The Quick’s hand must on the dog skull in the scoring area to count as a point.

A loose dog skull on the ground may be struck by weapon in order to “pass” it towards the team’s Quick (i.e. a hockey style pass).

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