Merchant Liaison

Drogo — rabenwald1 [at] hotmail [dot] com



1. No merchanting on the porch.
2. No merchanting indoors.
3. Merchants must bring their own tents.
4. Set-up/tear-down help will not be provided.

Merchants confirmed for Blackstone Raid

Blue Unicorn – (clothing and armor supplies and finding for the leather crafters)

Delights of Cathay  –  Menu for Blackstone Raid

Earthly Leather Design –

Fernando’s Engraving

Lord Valdis of Gotland – (carved horn, antler, bone, wood, some chaise work pendants, and some leather items)

Knights of the Classroom

Known world Treasures –

North Star Armory – (jewelry and armor)

Rabenwald Metalsmything –

Roma Wear –

SLS Creations

‘Stasia and Dru’, Ugly Stepsisters’ Trading

The Pillaged Village –

White Wolf and Phoenix – (string, things made of string, tools and books)