Merchant registration form can be found here.

1. No merchanting on the porch except for the 4-H.
2. No merchanting indoors.
3. Merchants must bring their own tents.
4. Set-up/tear-down help will not be provided.

Merchants confirmed for Blackstone Raid XXII

Azura’s Dream
Big Bob’s Little Knife Shop
Delights of Cathay – (Food Vendor) MENU FOR BLACKSTONE RAID
Dragonskin Leatherwork
Fernando’s Engravings
Gryphon’s Tea
Jackson County 4-H – (Food Vendor)
Knights of the Classroom
Known World Treasures
Koll Productions
Lady Priscilla’s
Orion’s Belt Leather Shop
Play in the Bag
Rabenwald Metalsmything
Roma Wear
Runic Recreations by NH Designs
SinfulSkins Leather
‘Stasia and Dru, Ugly Stepsisters’ Trading
SLS Creations
The Pillaged Village
White Wolf and the Phoenix


Merchant Liaison

Lord Drogo Rabenwald
merchants [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Lady Astridr Vigaskegg