1. If you have a cabin preference please let me know, i.e. some people prefer the left side of the lake and others the right. As a reference point, the staff and royalty are located on the left side.

2. When you send the pre-registration for the cabins, please include a list of those (legal names) that will be staying with you. The site requires a list of heads in beds for fire marshal/insurance purposes and it makes things easier at check in when someone forgets who they are staying with. If you do not have a complete list at this time it can be finalized at check in…this way just saves you time so you can get to the activities of the event quicker.

3. Each cabin is split into 4 bunk style rooms with 10 beds per room. Each of these rooms is $150/event duration. Example: full cabin (40 beds/4 rooms) cost is $600.00. If however you only need 1 room (10 beds) the cost for all 3 nights is $150.00.

4. When pre-registering for site, please include your legal name, SCA name & membership# if you have a membership. Please keep in mind the non-member fee of $5 if you do not have a membership (this can be paid at check in). If you are pre-registering minors, please list their legal name and indicate age.

5. The final day to pay for your pre-registration is April 10th, 2015; this is also the last day to request a refund by. Until such time as I have received a check or money order your reservation is only penciled in. We run the cabins on a first pay first pick system. If need be you can pay for your pre-reg in 2 payments as long as both are received by April 10th, 2015.



Check / Money Order

Make checks payable to:  “SCA-WV Inc. Barony of Blackstone Mountain”.

Mail registrations to:

BSR Preregistration XXIV
990 Old Point Road
Saint Albans, WV 25177

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