- Baronial Champions Heavy Weapons Tournament
9pm-10pm - Armor Inspection and Sign Up for Torchlight Tournament
10pm - Torchlight Armored Bear Hunt Tourney

6pm-7pm – Heavy Armor Inspection and Authorizations
7pm – “The Die of Fate” Novelty Fencing Tourney
7pm-8pm - Armored CTF Tournament
8pmAEthelmearc 500

9am – Fencing Inspections, Pick-ups, & Authorizations
9:15am-12pm – The 7 Pearls Heavy Weapons Championship
9:30am – Battlefield staff reports
9:30am-11:30am - Armored Inspections & Authorizations
11am - Gage Meet & Beat Pick-ups
10am-Noon – Fencing Melee Tactic Drills
Noon - Armored Combat Melees begin
– Field Battles (5) No res (w/Combat Archery)
– Bridge Battles (2) No res, no combat archery
– Bannered Gate Battles (2) Resurrections (w/Combat Archery), win condition is control of the majority of the gates after 20 minutes
1pm – Fencing Melee Scenarios