Site Rules

1. You are given a medallion at troll. Your medallion must be worn and displayed at all times. To re-enter the site you must display your medallion and/or receipt, or you will pay the entry fee again.

2. All alcoholic beverages must be in a period container. This is a DISCREETLY DAMP SITE. After one warning, you will be asked to leave the site with no refund. No alcoholic beverages area allowed in the feast/dining hall due to facility regulations.

3. No under age drinking or contributing to underage drinking will be tolerated. Anyone involved with underage drinking will be ejected from site with no refund and the local authorities will be notified. Remember the drinking age in West Virginia is 21.

4. Any parties held at Blackstone Raid must check ID’s or medallions for proof of age. Hosts are accountable for the behavior of their guests.

5. You have two hours to unload your vehicle, after which time you will be asked to move your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas. You risk having your vehicle towed at owner expense after two hours.

6. Once you have parked your car, please leave you car in the parking area unless you are going into town. There will be a courtesy town run done several times during Blackstone Raid. Please check at troll for information and times.

7. No pets are allowed in any buildings, period. Only service animals with documentation will be allowed in buildings.

8. No ground fires are allowed except in one of the two designated fire circles. Chimeras and portable fire pits are permitted.

9. There are NO firearms, fireworks, chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction of any kind permitted at Blackstone Raid.

10. No fighting or marshal activity of any kind is permitted without a marshal present.

11. No tents are permitted in front of any buildings.

12. No smoking in any building or within 15 feet of building doors by state law. This includes public use tents. Please dispose of cigarette butts in a proper manner. Anyone caught disposing of cigarette butts in potted plants may be asked to leave the site with no refund.

13. Trash is to be disposed of in designated trash receptacles. There are for this purpose on site, use them. DO NOT dispose of trash by burning it. We are currently in fire season in West Virginia.

14. No swimming or boating is permitted in any of the three ponds our upper lake. Fishing is allowed but is catch and release only.

15. Quiet camping area hours are from 9 PM – 7 AM. If you camp in or are near the quiet camping area please respect those hours.

16. Channel 6 of the FRS (Family Radio System) is reserved form Blackstone Raid Staff.

17. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present on site at all times. Additionally, make sure you and your child knows where each other are at all times.

18. This is absolutely no cutting of trees, dead branches, shrubbery or any foliage for any reason including but not limited to use as firewood. Your must provide your own firewood. A limited amount of firewood is available for the fire circles and fire circles only.

19. Picnic tables are to remain in the picnic shelters. They can only be moved by Cedar Lakes and then only with the express permission of Blackstone Raid Staff or Autocrats.

20. If you rent a bunk or cabin you do not have sole access to the bathroom provided with it. Bathrooms in cabins are open to ANYONE who attends Blackstone Raid.

21. Any people who – tampers with, moves, vandalizes or destroy any facility or property of Cedar Lakes or the Barony of Blackstone Mountain without the express permission of Cedar Lakes and Blackstone Raid Staff, or anyone who harbors or abets them is subject to possible immediate ejection from the site without refund, and possible barring from future Blackstone Raids. Facilities and properties include but are not limited to in no particular order – road signs, tents, golf carts, picnic shelters, bathrooms/bathhouses, cabins, dorms, motel/lodge rooms, battlefield setups, tables, chairs, picnic tables, zoning and planning markers, and any items non-staff members are not entitled to use.