THL William MacLear (William Rouse)
autocrat [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Deputy Autocrat, Exchequer, Troll, and
Pre Registration Clerk for Blackstone Raid

Lady Odette d’Arques (Misty Rouse)
reservations [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Royalty Liaisons
royaltyliaison [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org
will email both of the Royalty Liaisons listed below

Baron Ichijo Honen (Brett Bernard)
royaltyliaison1 [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Baroness Cerridwen de Skene (Dorrane Bernard)
royaltyliaison2 [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Marshals in Charge

Heavy Weapons:
Lord Garreth Whytebull (Bryan Campbell)
heavyweapons [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

rapier [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org
will email both of the marshals listed below

Lord Dirk Bodkin the Sharp (Darryl Smith)
rapier1 [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org
304.962.2538 (cell)

Lord Andrew the Goode (Andrew Gooding)
rapier2 [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Baron Edward Harbinger (Bill Moore)
archery [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Thrown Weapons:
Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure (Samantha Moore)
thrownweapons [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Mistress of Lists
Lady Noella de Feuer (Heather Kelley)
mol [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Arts and Sciences
Lady Kathryn McLuing (Kathy Kemmish)
artsandsciences [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby
Lady Maryam Jules (Janice Wagoner)
d4 [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Lord Andreas di Rossi (Andrew Rouse)
security [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Chiurgeon’s Point / Aide Station
Baroness Constance Glyn Dwr (Sunshine MacIntyre)
chiurgeonspoint [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Hospitality / New Comer Services
THL Erzebet Fauconneau (Liz Orwig)
hospitality [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Merchant Liaison
Drogo Rabenwald (Chris Dietz)
merchants [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Heralds’ Point
THL Michael Langley of Riversmeet (Michael Lane)
heraldspoint [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Lady Àine ny Allane  (Lori McKinney)
photographer [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair (Chris Conner)
promotions [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org

Lady Amalie Reinhardt (Peri Nelson-Sukert)
webminister [at] blackstoneraid [dot] org